Excavation and direct sale of Botticino Classico® marble.

Square blocks, semi-blocks, and shapeless blocks for residential, commercial, and historic restoration projects

Lombarda Marmi began its journey in the extraction of the prized Botticino Classico® marble in 1997

Today our adventure continues to bring us immense joys, a journey that, over the years, has been able to renew itself while always keeping alive the enthusiasm we put into our work.

From the beginning, the desire to stand out in the complex Botticino Classico market drove the company to focus solely on quarrying. This approach revolutionized traditional quarrying methods in the region through the introduction of innovative techniques and novel solutions.

The balanced combination of the new solutions adopted and the special dedication to the enhancement of stone have enabled our company to be able to be a major player in the industry today.

Our commitment to the environment and safety, together with our vast mining territory that boasts us a prime location in the heart of the marble region, our team of experts, and our investment in cutting-edge technology constitute the added value that allows us to be recognized and appreciated globally.

Qualities that have been recognized with prestigious awards and have helped make us the first company in our industry to achieve certification in the areas of quality, safety and environmental protection. This is a landmark achievement that fills us with pride for the work we have done.

Square Blocks

We extract square blocks of Botticino marble, quality and customization.


We provide Botticino marble semi-blocks, high quality and customized design.

Informal Marble

We offer shapeless marble for historic restorations and custom projects.


Having always been committed to enhancing the fundamental pillars that distinguish our company-quality, safety and commitment to the environment-in 2015, we intensified our efforts by initiating a process of strengthening our competencies.

This has resulted in the recognition and certification of our production system, increasing the trust of customers and employees regarding the excellence of our materials, the reliability of our work environments, and our unwavering dedication to environmental protection, a key element for everyone's future.

By virtue of these efforts, we are proud to have become the first company in our industry to boast a production system with certification.

ISO 9001

With over 25 years of experience, we offer high quality services.

ISO 14001

Our passion for excellence drives us to high-quality results.

ISO 45001

Our expertise in sticking to the budget without compromising the quality of the work is what sets us apart.

Code of Ethics

Specializing in residential, commercial buildings and historic restorations of all sizes and complexities.

Security policy

With 30 years of experience, we meet deadlines without compromising quality.

Our quarries, our home

Quality assurance in extraction

Lombarda Marmi is a member of the Botticino Classico® Marble Producers Consortium, which associates companies producing in the quarrying basin and the municipality of Botticino.

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