Botticino Classico® Marble Producers Consortium

Our quarry is located in the heart of the Botticino marble basin, on the outskirts of Brescia

A striking and spectacular workplace

Our company has always been passionately committed to the enhancement of natural stone. We have a vast quarrying area located in the center of the important Botticino marble basin. This essential resource has been the starting point that has enabled us to achieve the current excellence in the production of the different qualities of Botticino Classico.

Our company is distinguished by excellence thanks to the valuable contributions of a team of highly qualified employees. Our staff, endowed with specialization, dedication and fully aligned with the company philosophy, has played a crucial role in the rise to the high quality standards that are now our pride and joy.

The Botticino marble basin

Our uncompromising reliability and quality

The production cycle

Respect for the environment, concern for safety, availability of the best technologies and love for one's work characterize our production cycle, which we can condense into three main stages.

Preparation and earthworks

Preliminary step of removing unproductive portions and preparing the banks for subsequent cutting operations

opening and cutting in bank

Phase in which the actual cultivation of the marble banks begins by successive "splatings" aimed at configuring the quarry according to a stacked step profile

sectioning and reframing

last stage in which there is a progressive reduction of the detached portions of marble, aimed at obtaining square blocks whose commercial measurements roughly range between 120 and 185 cm. for height, between 230 and 320 cm. for length, and about 150 cm. for width

The material

Botticino Classico® is a unique marble, world-renowned for its characteristics and value. Its chromatic veining on ivory-white background tones and its versatility of use in both outdoor and indoor environments, its excellent physical-mechanical characteristics, have made it a world-famous and sought-after material.

A reputation that we felt obliged to protect, through the action of the Consorzio Produttori Marmo Botticino Classico®, of which we are a member, which promoted the creation of the Marmo Botticino Classico® Collective Mark of Origin, the first example of a mark of origin in the stone sector, with the clear intent of:

  • ensure geographical provenance
  • Distinguish Botticino Classico marble from competing materials from other sources that incorrectly use the name "Botticino"
  • Relaunching Made in Italy in the stone industry

DescriptionAverage value
Real Mass Volume (UNI EN 136, January 2001)2710 kg/m³
Water absorption at atmospheric pressure (UNI EN 13755, December 2002).0,14%
Compressive strength (UNI EN 1926, December 2000)183 MPa
Compressive strength after alternating freeze-thaw cycles (UNI EN 1926, December 2000)    164 MPa
Flexural strength under concentrated load (UNI EN 12372, April 2001)12.7 MPa
Flexural strength under concentrated load after alternating freeze-thaw cycles (UNI EN 1926, April 2000)12.9 MPa
Abrasion resistance (UNI EN 14157, October 2004)20.0 mm
Experimental tests carried out at the Applied Petrography Laboratory of the Department of Earth Science, University of Parma
The table shows, in percentages, the main chemical elements present on average in Botticino Classico

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